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Weekly (Non-Pickup) - $25
Weekly (Pickup) - $40
Bi-Weekly (Non-Pickup) $60
Weekly (Pickup & Drop-Off) - $55
Bi-Weekly (Pickup & Drop-Off) - $110
Shine Bright Payment
Bi-Weekly (Pickup) - $70

The Afterschool and Summer Programs provide academic support to students for which English is their second language. PSCDG holds after school programs at Arch Creek Elementary School and the North Miami Library. These programs offer students with academic support by assisting with homework and projects for elementary and middle school students. The goal is to enhance the children’s social skills and academics while giving them the tools they need to make positive contributions to society. The summer programs serve to continue supporting students academically by providing educational activities throughout the summer.

If you wish to receive more detailed information about our Shine Bright Afterschool Program please complete the contact form.